Lift type

The DC1200 is our absolute heavyweight in the lifts, as it with a double column, has a lifting capacity of 1200 kg.

The DC1200 comes as standard including

  • Lift fork for 700mmx900mmx1200mm containers
  • Control in AISI304 cabinet – HOLD TO RUN-
  • Closed transport box in wood

Customizing options

DC1200 Standard Accessories:

  • Riding rails
  • Rear frame for rails with safety cage
  • Sliding fork mounted
  • Separate tilting slide with double-headed steering wheel
  • Safety cage
  • Security cage with gate
  • 10 meter extra wire
  • Boltset for floor mounting

Let us find the best solution for you

Accessories for the lift can also be produced according to your wishes, call or write to us – and we will find a solution that suits your needs.