Customizing lifts to our clients needs

Oslos Denmark is an order producing company specializing in stainless steel products – mainly to the food industry. As a manufacturer and subcontractor, we focus on machining of high quality, fast delivery and flexibility. We have a wide range of machines – and we are happy to help, finding the solution you need.

The highest quality

We work exclusively with high quality raw materials, we keep all our raw material under the roof. Our stainless steel is kept separate from ordinary iron and steel – also during processing. During transport, we provide the necessary protection to ensure the products are delivered with no transport damage. It is important for Oslos that our products are of the best quality, and we do not send our products from the factory without they are tested and approved for shipping. In our lift department, they focus on LEAN – it means that we can offer a quality product at a fair price.


Security is an important factor in our lift production, and we CE marks our products in accordance with current legislation, and perform continuous quality control on all products.