At Oslo, we take product development extremely serious. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop products from drawings or draft proposals from the customer.

We have well trained and highly qualified employees with many years of industry experience, and we work closely with a network of engineers. This means, that we can solve every task: Large and small.

Further development 
We work from customer drawings, sketches or presentation of ideas. In close cooperation with the customer, we offer to develop and continuously improve the product.

Oslo is a company under constant development. As we do not have our machines our machine set for one specific line of productions, we can quickly adjust and make a new line of produ


Kvaliteten af de leverede maskiner er altid 100 % som aftalt,
så for os er Øsløs Maskinfabrik den ideelle leverandør og samarbejdspartner.

One2Feed , Intelligent Cow Feeding, Denmark





Øsløs Maskinfabrik er en moderne og miljøbevidst virksomhed, der ønsker at forebygge alle former for miljøbelastninger.
Derfor indretter vi løbende vores produktion med fokus på miljøet.