Oslo is a contract manufacturer that specializes in stainless steel products - mainly for the food industry. As a supplier, we focus on products of high quality, fast delivery and flexibility.

We perform any kind of working in the areas of:

  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Welding
  • Glass blasting
  • Acid washing

Turnkey product 
We can enter your production as both supplier of small items, and also for working complete series. This is done in cooperation with subcontractors.

Raw material 
Stainless steel is kept separate from ordinary iron and steel - also during processing. During transport we provide the protection necessary to ensure that the high quality stick around until delivery.

Kvaliteten af de leverede maskiner er altid 100 % som aftalt,
så for os er Øsløs Maskinfabrik den ideelle leverandør og samarbejdspartner.

One2Feed , Intelligent Cow Feeding, Denmark





Øsløs Maskinfabrik er en moderne og miljøbevidst virksomhed, der ønsker at forebygge alle former for miljøbelastninger.
Derfor indretter vi løbende vores produktion med fokus på miljøet.